Expert Drain Services Durban

Drains and plumbing are essential aspects of the home, yet they are susceptible to problems. Outdoor drains can easily become blocked by debris left by storms, and in the home it can be difficult to find a water leak detection in the plumbing system. It helps to enlist the services of professionals, and for homes in Durban, that means talking to Drain Blasters, the leading name in plumbing and drainage services in and around the city.

Drain Blasters uses the latest techniques and equipment to detect and fix blockages and leaks, and can attend to your problem as an emergency, 24hours a day. The expert, highly skilled team will find your problem using drain camera inspection and other solutions, and will fix it as quickly as they can, at competitive rates. If you need a quote for plumbing services simply fill in the online form, and one of the team will get back to you as soon as they can.

Plumbing For Swimming Pools


It is important to set up the plumbing of a swimming pool in just the right way. In order to do this, there is a lot of planning involved.

There are many things to be considered before you even start. However, careful planning at the very beginning of the process ensures that you will be able to enjoy your pool with cool, clean water for a long time to come.

The Ins and Outs of Swimming Pool Plumbing

There are two important factors to consider in swimming pool plumbing: water circulation and water filtration. One thing that makes swimming pool plumbing slightly easier than other plumbing jobs is that it is self-contained and therefore not connected to a larger plumbing system. Thus, you don’t have to worry about drawing and disposing of water. You only need to worry about that when you initially fill the pool or if you have a backwash problem and need to drain it.

Here is how swimming pool plumbing basically works: A system of pumps draws the water out of the pool through drains and skimmers. The water goes through a filter to clean it. The water next goes through a heater or cooler to adjust the temperature. Finally, the water is sent back into the pool. There is a separate piping system for returning the water back into the pool.

You can pretty much build a swimming pool anywhere above the ground floor of a building. The plumbing system for the pool can be set up however it is most suitable. For this kind of swimming pool set up, you definitely need a professional plumber to do that job. This is not a do-it-yourself job by any means. It has to be done absolutely right. The same goes for almost all kinds of swimming pool plumbing installations.

Important Things to Remember about Swimming Pool Plumbing

The filter and pump you will need for the swimming pool depend on how much water will be in the pool. The correct set up is very important because all the water has to be circulated completely through the system at least twice a day to ensure clean, sanitary water.

Swimming pools have their own particular specialized pipes used in their plumbing systems. PVC pipes, for example, are typically used for swimming pool plumbing. The pipes have to be just the right kind and every little detail even down to the valves and fittings must be perfect. There should always be a few extra skimmers and drains in case of clogging. This way there will always be the right amount of circulation in the water, no matter what happens.

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